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Skip Loading Equipment for 10T to 12T Chassis

The Powertec range of skip loaders, designed for 10 tonne and 12 tonne chassis, are built for safe and easy operation.

Using high tensile steel for strength and optimal carrying capacity, with a fully integrated hydraulic system for a faster operation, our skip loaders are amongst the most reliable in the market.

NEW 6000KG and 800KG SKIP UNIT

As part of our continuing programme of development, we are pleased to introduce our new 6000EX and 8000EX Skip Loaders.

These Skip Units have been radically updated, by using advanced materials for the main arm structure we have been able to reduce the weight whilst increasing the strength of the unit.

Manufactured completely in the United Kingdom, this heavy duty skip unit can be fitted to any chassis of your choice and is supplied with independent extending arms and independent rear stabiliser legs as standard. Other features include:

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